East St. Margaret's Elementary School

School Closure Information

The Halifax Regional School Board encompasses a widespread geographic area, so weather conditions can vary considerably. Sometimes all schools within the School Board are closed due to extreme weather conditions. At other times only selected schools, or “families of schools” are closed. The best ways for you to determine if East St.Margaret’s is closed are: listen to local radio station broadcasts, check the Halifax Regional School Board website (www.hrsb.ns.ca), call the HRSB school cancellation line (464-INFO/4636), or follow HRSB on Twitter.com/HRSBOfficial. Announcements regarding school closures will be made (as close to 6:00 am as possible) in the morning before school commences.
Possible Announcements Pertaining to East St. Margaret's School

    All schools feeding into Sir John A MacDonald High or the Sir John A MacDonald FAMILY of schools are closed.
    All schools in the Halifax Regional School Board are closed.
    School buses are not running, but schools are open and it is the parents' discretion as to whether or not to send their children to school.

Sometimes schools are closed midday. When this happens, an announcement will be made before 11:30 am on local radio stations, the HRSB website, and the HRSB school cancellation line. In the event of an early school closure and dismissal while students are at school, each elementary parent/guardian will be contacted via telephone to advise of the early school closure.Students will then be dismissed at 11:50am according to the directives provided for us.