East St. Margaret's Elementary School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
(Simms) Nelson, Carrie Learning Center (50%); Resource (20%) 902-823-2463 carrie.nelson@hrce.ca
Banks, Laura School Psychologist BanksL@hrce.ca
Battiste, Sherry Assistant Leader SchoolsPlus 902-471-2445 sherry.battiste@hrce.ca
Clements, Albertine Speech Language Pathologist 902-876-3820 AClements@hrce.ca
Comeau, Wendy Library Support Specialist (20%) 902-823-2463 WComeau@hrce.ca
Dean, Janice EPA (50%) 902-823-2463 Janice.Dean@hrce.ca
Foulkes, Chad SchoolsPlus Community Outreach Worker 902-233-2479 CFoulkes@hrce.ca
Herritt, Norman Caretaker (7:30am-4:30pm) 902-823-2463 nherritt@hrce.ca
Zinck, Andrea School Social Worker 902-221-6690 Andrea.Zinck@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Berringer, Margaret (Sissy) Administration Assistant 902-823-2463 mberringer@hrce.ca
Dobrowolski , John Acting Principal 902-823-3372 jdobrowolski@hrce.ca
Myra, Shelley Principal 902-823-3372 smyra@hrce.ca Website
N/A, . Vice-Principal

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Boutilier, Natasha Grades Two/Three 902-823-2463 NBoutilier@hrce.ca
Bradbury, Kelly Grade Four 902-823-2463 BradburyK@hrce.ca
Connors Blades, Melanie Grades Primary/One 902-823-2463 MConnors-Blades@hrce.ca
Crowell, Jackie Instrumental Band (10%) - Grades 5/6 902-823-2463 Jacqueline.Crowell@hrce.ca
Cuvelier, Patricia (Trish) Grades Five/Six 902-823-2463 PCuvelier@hrce.ca
Gosney, Andrew School Counsellor (20%) 902-823-2383 agosney@hrce.ca
Irvine, Joel Physical Education (30%) 902-823-2463 JIrvine@hrce.ca
James, Michelle Music (20%) 902-823-2463 michelle.james@hrce.ca
Logan, Sandra Core French (20%) 902-823-2463 Logan.Sandra@hrce.ca Website
Long, Susan Pre Primary Lead Early Childhood Educator 902-823-2463 SLong@hrce.ca
Zinck, Krista Pre Primary Support Early Childhood Educator 902-823-2463 Krista.Zinck@hrce.ca