East St. Margaret's Consolidated School

Primary E-learning and flipgrid link

Hello ESM Primary Students and Families

My Friends, I am excited to begin a new learning journey with you. 

You have learning opportunities coming from multiple sources – the Nova Scotia At-Home Student Learning Package (located in the flyers) or the At-Home Learning that I present.   It is your choice how you approach your learning – you may choose one of these sources, or a combination of both, etc.  Please know the important thing is that you communicate the learning.

I have set up several ways to communicate your students learning…. 
-You can email me with updates, questions, completed assignments/activities, or just check in. 
-We can set up a time that I can call and communicate with your student about the assignments/activities.
-Your student can share their work on a video through Flipgrid.com.  I have set up an account and assigned your student an ID#. 

My office hours for communication are 10-12pm Monday to Friday.  We can make adjustments to these times as necessary. 

At the beginning of each week I will send your student (via email) learning activities.  The activities are not intended to be more that 1 hour a day – you choose the time that works best in your home.

For the remainder of this week we will focus on getting familiar with the process, the websites, and an activity – “Tell me what you have been doing?” “Share your day with me.”  I have put a video on Flipgrid to share my day and show you what I have been doing     https://flipgrid.com/5affa045  I will send each of you your ID# which will allow you to view, respond and share.

The Websites I will be using over the next several weeks
-pearson math

Take Care… I am here to support
Mrs MacEachern

Margaret.Maceahern@hrce.ca  Margaret.Maceachern@gnspes.ca